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The Portfolio Construction Podcast

Dec 15, 2021

Retirees have traditionally relied on fixed interest and cash allocations in their portfolios to provide sufficient income for life. But the yield or the income return from these defensive asset classes has fallen significantly over the last decade, creating a disconnect between our understanding of income and the traditional risk/return theory.

The impact of COVID 19, the global economic slowdown and increased use of extraordinary monetary policies by central banks have further reduced returns from cash and fixed interest to the point where many cash rates and ten-year bond yields in developed countries now return a 0% or even a negative yield. These policies may have supported many weakened economies but have made it even more difficult for retirees drawing income streams to fund a large portion of their income needs by the yields on cash and fixed interest allocations.

In this episode, we discuss some of current strategies for generating sufficient income for life with Reece Birtles, Chief Investment Officer, Martin Currie Investment Management, and we address some of the challenges facing inflation, longevity risk and income sequencing risk.


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